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Well-Written Content Is Back?

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content mattersConversations about content are super hot these days; I’m seeing the topic everywhere from LinkedIn to Facebook, with headlines and feeds boldly announcing how content is back.

When was well-written content not considered value? When did posting for the sake of posting become acceptable?

Poorly written chatter forces my attention elsewhere, and I’m not alone. I hear the same complaints repeated day after day. Many small business owners are questioning the value in employing someone to oversee their social media, but I hear the most disturbing stories from those, who hire from work sites. I had one client tell me that for every article he purchased, he spent a quarter of his day editing it. He even sent me a 600 word article filled with sentences lacking a subject.

If it weren’t such a hot button for me, I would have found his example humorous, but instead, I shook my head with disapproval, as any writer would.

Well-written content is timeless and is a must for any marketing efforts including social media. If you are having trouble getting your message out in a clear and concise format, it’s time to re-examine your team.

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One thought on “Well-Written Content Is Back?

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