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Who Is Behind The Screen?

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Who Is Behind The Screen?This morning, I was the recipient of a mass e-marketing campaign for a website design company. It contained some great images and there were loads of bells and whistles, so I read on out of curiosity.

His content was interesting (we know how I feel about content), so I looked for an About Me page – nothing. Then, I moved on to review his live portfolio. Well, it didn’t take me long to realize his website examples belonged to no one, and they certainly were not paying clients. He had created them as a portfolio to illustrate his work, and he was misleading potential clients by including them in a portfolio.

If I were in the market for a website, especially if I were a new business owner and had never gone through the website building experience, I may believe his examples represented happy paying clients.

My advice to him? First and foremost, include some personal information and a photo. Anyone managing a blog or designing websites, should know the importance of personalization.

Secondly, instead of creating a pretend site, volunteer your time and expertise to a non-profit. Non-profits can always benefit from a website creation or upgrade, and once, it’s completed, get permission to include it in your portfolio with a testimonial. It’s a win win for everyone – especially the small business owner, who can’t afford to take a chance on someone with no real work in his portfolio.

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