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Facebook for Healthcare Professionals

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social media marketing for doctors in norfolk va Many practices find that once they’ve create a Facebook Page, they are not sure how to manage it.  As with any social media platform, the end result for healthcare professionals is to connect with patients and establish relationships with organizations and businesses within the local community.

The first rule of thumb to fully utilizing Facebook is use passive connect when posting or linking. Passive content simply means there is no call to action or hard selling message; passive content allows you to establish yourself as an expert, who enjoys sharing knowledge among patients and potential patients. The more you post, the more you position yourself as an expert, and ultimately create a loyal following.

This is called relationship building and in essence the name of the game in social media. I have many clients who originally implemented Facebook and social media marketing for Google rankings; however, in recent years, social media marketing has become the fastest and most reliable way to establish personal connections with existing and potential patients. Relationship building through social media is digital word of mouth, which is invaluable to any healthcare professional.

So, how can your practice use passive content to promote and establish relationships? I recommend you interact with other businesses on their respective Facebook pages. A good place to begin is to “Like” the Facebook pages of patient-owned businesses and your local non-profits, such as the SPCA. As you begin to interact within the Facebook community with comments and interactions, they will reciprocate and “Like” your page in return. All the activity will result in a steady stream of positive word of mouth for your practice.

In addition the likes you show on your practice page will illustrate endorsements and support to others in the community.  The likes on your Facebook page ultimately reveal the interests and values of your practice.

To begin using a networking strategy for your Facebook page, brainstorm with your team about local businesses, patient-owned businesses, and organizations you support or simply like. Set a schedule to “Like” each page, and then spend the time investment to add weekly updates, new “Likes”, and comments to the business Facebook pages within your community.  

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If you’d like my assistance in creating or revamping your existing practice Facebook page, fill-out the information below:

social media marketing for healthcare providers dentist chiropractors norfolk va

social media management for healthcare providers dentists chiropractors in norfolk vaWords For Hire is a full-service copywriting and social media company offering affordable marketing solutions for healthcare providers, professional businesses, and non-profits in Hampton Roads VA.

I love all aspects of Traditional and Social Media Marketing, and I love helping businesses create great content that connects with their targeted market to grow their market share.  It really is that simple ~ Create, Connect & Grow!

My byline has appeared in The Shopper, Pleasant Living Magazine, Hampton Roads Real Estate Blog, Boomer Voices, and in numerous online and print publications. I also ghost-blog and ghost-write content marketing articles for a number of business blogs, magazines, and websites within my Social Media Management portfolio.

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