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Identifying Effective Social Media Channels for Your Business

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social media for heatlhcare providers norfolk va social media training for physicians social media consultants norfolk vaWhen I first begin working with a business owner to strategize their social media marketing, I always ask if they have had a better response with Linkedin or Facebook, and unfortunately (and surprisingly) most do not know the answer to this simple question. Social media marketing is ultimately getting your business message to your audience, and it’s imperative to know which channels are appropriate for your specific business or service.

If your business provides a professional service, put in the required hours to design a professional and complete profile on Linkedin. Linkedin wins hands-down over Facebook for offering business networking and discussion opportunities. I have worked with countless businesses that spend hours each day marketing services on Facebook and are frustrated with the lack of interest their page receives. In many cases, the reality is that Facebook is not the correct social media channel for their individual business. As a business consultant, I place more value on Linkedin and focus my social media efforts on building professional connections. I have over 500 Linkedin connections, while my Facebook Fan Page is a secondary platform with less than 30 likes.

In contrast, if your business offers a product, an entertainment venue, or is a retailer, then Facebook is the best social media platform. Facebook is a fantastic tool for promoting upcoming events and specials. Borjo Coffee House’s Facebook page does a great job of getting their message to their followers about future in-house events. Shady Grove Marketplace beautifully announces fresh daily arrivals. Both of these small businesses utilize the real-time public relations factor of Facebook to communicate with their fan-base, and Linkedin would not garner the same results.

Of course, there are those businesses that benefit from using a combination of both Linkedin and Facebook. Realtors and Mortgage Brokers are the best examples. Linkedin’s professional audience is ideal for group discussions focused on local economics and national rates. Facebook, on the other hand, offers a less formal platform to showcase available homes and allows for a more personal connection. On his real estate Facebook page, Realtor Mitch Burton, constantly puts-out educational and valuable updates that relate to his area of expertise and speaks directly to his targeted audience.

Determining which channels are most effective for your business takes time, but it is the first and most important step in successful social media marketing.

If you are interested in how I can assist you in your social media marketing, please, contact me at (757) 647-3126 or fill-out the form below:

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social media trainers and consultants norfolk va Shannon Boyles-AllenWords For Hire is a full-service copywriting and social media company offering affordable marketing solutions for healthcare providers, professional businesses, and non-profits in Hampton Roads VA.

I love all aspects of Traditional and Social Media Marketing, and I love helping businesses create great content that connects with their targeted market to grow their market share.  It really is that simple ~ Create, Connect & Grow!

My byline has appeared in The Shopper, Pleasant Living Magazine, Hampton Roads Real Estate Blog, Boomer Voices, and in numerous online and print publications. I also ghost-blog and ghost-write content marketing articles for a number of business blogs, magazines, and websites within my Social Media Management portfolio.

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