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The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog in 2013


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If you are looking for ways to ramp-up your business in 2013, consider a professional blog. Below are the top three reasons a blog should be on every business owner’s 2013 marketing plan.

SEO- Blogs that offer quality content rank higher in Google and Yahoo searches than static website pages. Unlike a website, a blog allows you to add and post fresh content on a consistent basis, and a higher ranking will ultimately bring more traffic to your site, which in turn, will increase your rankings.

Social Media Marketing– When managed properly, blogs and social media channels work together seamlessly to generate traffic to your business. It only takes a few simple steps to have a powerful impact. Just write a great blog-post and share on your social media sites. Not only will your followers be introduced to your blog, but your social media sites will look more professional, and the professional content will give your clients a reason to read your updates.

Share Your Expertise– When you write informative and education articles and post them several times a week, your customers will take notice of your knowledge and view you as an expert. If our competitors haven’t realized the value of a blog, you are already one step ahead.

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wordsforhirenorfolkvaWords For Hire is a full-service copywriting and social media company offering affordable marketing solutions for healthcare providers, professional businesses, and non-profits in Hampton Roads VA.

I love all aspects of Traditional and Social Media Marketing, and I love helping businesses create great content that connects with their targeted market to grow their market share.  It really is that simple ~ Create, Connect & Grow!

My byline has appeared in The Shopper, Pleasant Living Magazine, Hampton Roads Real Estate Blog, Boomer Voices, and in numerous online and print publications. I also ghost-blog and ghost-write content marketing articles for a number of business blogs, magazines, and websites within my Social Media Management portfolio.

4 thoughts on “The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog in 2013

  1. Shannon,

    I completely agree!

    Blogging gives professionals

    A voice
    Greater credibility
    Easier accessibility

    and they can be a lot of fun once you get past the scary parts.

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