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Tips for Creating a Blog Editorial Calendar in 2013

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It’s the first of the year, and now is the time to write your blog editorial calendar for 2013.

You already know that a business blog is one of the most affordable and effective ways of connecting to potential customers and engaging current clients; however, if you find yourself constantly scrambling for weekly blog topics, then you’re probably not providing interesting content that is needed to build a community.

It’s no secret that practice managers and business owners wear many hats, and it’s understandable that blog posting is not always a top-priority, but by planning monthly content in advance, you’ll be more organized and create a better product.

Here are my tips for creating a blog editorial calendar:

1. Create a Content Plan – look at each month of the year and plan topics around national holidays, seasonal sales cycles, community outreach, and events.

2. Be Newsworthy – Keep abreast of market trends and news updates that apply or affect your business and are areas of interest to your readers.

3. Assign Writing – if you have several people who write for your blog, assign months or ideas to them now. Having a structured program will allow them time to research and pen better blog articles.

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