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Does Your Website’s “About Page” Need a Facelift?

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social media norfolk va social media training norfolk va social media coaching hampton roads vaI was recently hired by a local artist to revamp her website that is used to manage her online gallery and showcase her paintings. Her art has received national attention, and she enjoys a loyal following, but she wasn’t getting the online business she had anticipated. Upon reviewing her website analytics, I saw high volume traffic; however, visitors weren’t staying on her site long and were only viewing a few pages, which resulted in low sales.

Her content, copy, and the organization of her e-commerce gallery was laid-out well. So, I moved to her “About Us” page, and things changed quickly. Designed to tell a story and engage the audience, this page fell short of doing either. There was no personal information, and by using the words “us” and “we” she was losing all connection as an individual artist and instead sounded like a large wholesaler.

Whether titled “Company Profile”, “Meet Our Team”, or simply “About Me”, this is one of the most crucial pages of a website or blog, and if designed correctly can be the one of the best online marketing tools. It’s a chance for a company to show a personal side and connect with potential customers. They have found the site, through organic marketing, content marketing, or social media marketing, and the about page should be a positive influence for them to stay and bring them back time and time again.

If your website or blog’s “About Page” is in need of a facelift, here are a few tips to get started:

  • Using “I” or “We” will really depend on the type of business you operate. Just keep it consistent and don’t interchange tenses.
  • Determine if the focus is about you or your business. If you have rich content for both, consider writing two separate pages.
  • Allow your personality to shine, but keep it professional. In some industries, such as Real Estate, it’s natural to include hobbies, but the content should somehow relate to your business or to your community.
  • Use complete sentences. If it cannot be expressed in a complete sentence, then it doesn’t belong on this page. Edit statements where you have parenthesis or dashes.
  • Include all professional memberships, awards, and accolades with links if possible.
  • Smile! Yes, you should have a photograph of you or your team. It’s okay to use a casual picture, as long as, it’s professional.

social media marketing norfolk va

seo and social media traning norfolk va shannon Boyles-AllenWords For Hire is a full-service copywriting and social media company offering affordable marketing solutions for healthcare providers, professional businesses, and non-profits in Hampton Roads VA.

I love all aspects of Traditional and Social Media Marketing, and I love helping businesses create great content that connects with their targeted market to grow their market share.  It really is, as simple as, Create, Connect & Grow!

My byline has appeared in The Shopper, Pleasant Living Magazine, Hampton Roads Real Estate Blog, Boomer Voices, and in numerous online and print publications. I also ghost-blog and ghost-write content marketing articles for a number of business blogs, magazines, and websites within my Social Media Management portfolio.

If I can be of any assistance to your business, call me at (757) 647-3126 or simply fill out the below form!

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