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When SEO and Social Media Connect


social media consultants norfolk va social media marketing for small businesses norfolk vaSocial Media continues to change online marketing strategies, and as it climbs higher and higher on search engine rankings, SEO sinks lower and lower. Yet, instead of adapting to the shift, many small businesses count on SEO to provide them the most online visibility, and unfortunately, they are falling further behind their competitors, who already are adapting to Google’s algorithm changes.

The real shift started even before the Panda Update as a strategic move by Google to place more emphasis on high-quality sites offering with real content and to filter-out sites filled with low-quality content and linkbuilding.

The focus from keywords to content has been very successful, as people search for and want usable content. So, how do you effectively create content and connect it to social media?

First, take a good look at your webpage, and edit any messy linkbuilding and unnecessary keywords. Your web page is your virtual business card, and it should provide meaningful information about your products or services.

If you don’t already have a blog, create one, and add it to your home page.  A blog can provide both evergreen and real-time information for your customers. It is easy to update, and most importantly, it is offers SEO benefits and social media engagement.

Share! Be sure you have your social media channels visible on your website and your blog. While your blog is your content vehicle, your social media platforms distribute the information.

Lastly, make it all connect. Simply, write a great post and syndicate it on your social media channels.

SEO & Social Media for small businesses Norfolk VA, social media norfolk va

seo and social media training norfolk va, social media consultants norfolk vaWords For Hire is a full-service copywriting and social media company located in Norfolk VA. Words For Hire offers affordable marketing solutions for healthcare providers, professional businesses, and non-profits in Hampton Roads VA.

I love all aspects of Traditional and Social Media Marketing, and I love helping businesses create great content that connects with their targeted market to grow their market share.  It really is as simple as Create, Connect & Grow!

My byline has appeared in The Shopper, Pleasant Living Magazine, Hampton Roads Real Estate Blog, Boomer Voices, and in numerous online and print publications. I also ghost-blog and ghost-write content marketing articles for a number of business blogs, magazines, and websites within my Social Media Management portfolio. If you are interested in learning how I can help your small business with social media and content article marketing, please, contact me today! 757-647-3126

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