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Client Spotlight

Bricks4KidzCongratulations to my client, Brickz4Kids of South Hampton Roads, who has partnered with Recycling Perks. These are two great local businesses working together to reduce waste and promote economic growth right here in Hampton Roads.

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3 Signature Updates You Should Make Today

social media tips norfolk va social media tips virginia beach va social media managers norfolk vaIf you haven’t updated your email signature in a few months, you aren’t maximizing the number one social media marketing tool.

Here are the top 3 signature updates you should make today!

Facebook – Regardless of how you once felt about utilizing Facebook for marketing, if you don’t have a page or if the link is not included in your email signature, you are missing opportunities to drive traffic to you. Facebook validates your expertise and marketplace knowledge, and having a live link with every email is the fastest way to grow a following.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social channels because it’s a business platform, and professionals expect to see other professionals on LinkedIn.

WordPress Blogs are more popular than websites, and your signature should include the link to your blog. A great looking blog allows your business to really shine, but make sure you post original content-driven information on a consistent basis.

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social media consultants norfolk va social media tips for small businesses in hampton roads va

Quick Tip: As soon as you blog, post to Facebook and all your social media channels for the most impact.

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Who Is Behind The Screen?

Who Is Behind The Screen?This morning, I was the recipient of a mass e-marketing campaign for a website design company. It contained some great images and there were loads of bells and whistles, so I read on out of curiosity.

His content was interesting (we know how I feel about content), so I looked for an About Me page – nothing. Then, I moved on to review his live portfolio. Well, it didn’t take me long to realize his website examples belonged to no one, and they certainly were not paying clients. He had created them as a portfolio to illustrate his work, and he was misleading potential clients by including them in a portfolio. Continue reading


Determining If A Social Media Consultant Is Right For Your Business

social media marketing norfolk va shannon boyles allen social media managersI recently met with a business owner, who had combined the jobs of Community Manager and Social Media Manager within her small company, and since the restructure, she was suffering a retention problem. Despite offering a great working environment and a highly competitive salary, she was unable to keep the position filled for more than 3 or 4 months at a time. When we met, she was attempting to oversee her own social media, but she was quickly finding, not only did she lack the time in an already overloaded schedule, but she had little interest and knowledge of the vast social media platforms.

My first step was educating her on the two roles, so she could have a clear understanding of why combining these two very different jobs rarely works. Then, we looked at her specific business to determine if employing an in-house Social Media Manager was warranted or if bringing in a Social Media Consultant offered more value. Continue reading



social media marketing norfolk va SEO Norfolk va

Quick Tip: Blogs are the single most important inbound marketing tool. “When asked to rank the importance of the services they use, 25% of users rated their company blog as critical to their business, while a further 56% considered them either important (34%) or useful (22%)” for a total of 81%.

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Well-Written Content Is Back?

content mattersConversations about content are super hot these days; I’m seeing the topic everywhere from LinkedIn to Facebook, with headlines and feeds boldly announcing how content is back.

When was well-written content not considered value? When did posting for the sake of posting become acceptable?

Poorly written chatter forces my attention elsewhere, and I’m not alone. I hear the same complaints repeated day after day. Many small business owners are questioning the value in employing someone to oversee their social media, but I hear the most disturbing stories from those, who hire from work sites. I had one client tell me that for every article he purchased, he spent a quarter of his day editing it. He even sent me a 600 word article filled with sentences lacking a subject.

If it weren’t such a hot button for me, I would have found his example humorous, but instead, I shook my head with disapproval, as any writer would.

Well-written content is timeless and is a must for any marketing efforts including social media. If you are having trouble getting your message out in a clear and concise format, it’s time to re-examine your team.

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