Words for Hire

Article Writing, Blog & Social Media Management


Listen to Shannon’s marketing recommendations. She is a great asset to our team! She brings forth insight and knowledge.” ~ Eric Hawkins, owner Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning / Virginia Beach VA

“Shannon has made the seemingly (for me anyway) ominous world of ‘social media marketing’ an easy decision. She initially met with me, having already researched my business and had ideas on how to make it more successful from day one. We talked about all the what’s, when’s, why’s, where’s, and how’s completely before discussing cost. Coming from someone with a limited budget, who has heard many sales proposals, followed most often by extreme sticker-shock, I was most happy with the fees we discussed. Shannon even presented a non-compete clause, (which hadn’t crossed my mind) so the office down the street won’t be utilizing the same resource I have with Words For Hire. Shannon’s aim is to teach me the marketing skills that will help me be more successful, and I look forward to being busy in my practice rather than constantly worrying about being left out of the social media market”. Dr. Travis Davis, owner, Active Wellness Chiropractic / Norfolk VA

“Shannon took my real estate business to a whole new level by implementing social media and content marketing.” ~ Mitch Burton, Realtor / Norfolk VA

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